Main Workshop DAY 1 - Tuesday April 2, 2019, 7am to 6:30pm

"LCMS, HRMS & Hybrid DAY"

Day 1 Session List

Day 1A: LCMS, HRMS & Hybrid - Innovation in Method Development and Novel Solutions
  • Session 1:

    Return of the Small Molecules - Innovation in Small Molecules Mass Spec: Protac, Ribocil, Acoustic Dispensing MS, Patients Centric Microsampling

  • Session 2:

    LCMS & HRMS Advancements for Small Molecules: Ultrasensitive Microflow-LCMS, Complex Formulations, Transporter & CYP Biomarkers

  • Session 3:

    Latest Updates on Hybrid Methods: Low pg/mL Quantification, Tissue Analysis, “Absolute Quantification” approach in Bioanalysis

  • Session 4:

    Panel Discussion on LCMS, HRMS & Hybrid - Consensus for 2019 White Paper in Bioanalysis

Day 1B: ICH M10 BMV Draft Guideline - Chromatography
  • Session 5:

    Harmonized Topics among US FDA, EU EMA, Health Canada, Japan MHLW regulations

  • Session 6:

    Unresolved Issues and On-going Industry/Regulators’ Discussions

  • Session 7:

    Panel Discussion on ICH M10 BMV Draft Guideline Chromatography - Provide official Recommendations to ICH



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