Training Session Th1 - Thursday April 4, 2019, 7am to 5:30pm

"Mass Spectrometric Novel & Advanced Method Development Strategies for Large Molecules Bioanalysis: Therapeutic Proteins, ADC, Biomarkers, Oligonucleotides, Peptides & New Modalities"

Expand your Experience in PK Assays, Biotransformation and Biomarkers Assays, and Learn LCMS Technology Most Recent Updates and Refinements

Part 1: Focus on Hybrid Technology Updates/Refinements
  • Lesson 1:

    Recent Advancements in Immunoaffinity (IA) Approaches and Techniques for Hybrid LBA/LCMS to maximize Specificity & Sensitivity: Method Development Strategies for Best Reagent Selection and Design of Capture Format

  • Lesson 2:

    Mitigating Bias in Sample Preparation for Intact Protein Analysis by Mass Spectrometry

  • Lesson 3:

    Recent Advancements in Digestion & Multiplexing Techniques for Hybrid LBA/LCMS: Lesson Learnt in Method Development for Best Digestion Reproducibility and Reliability of Multiplexing

  • Panel Discussion:

    Focus on Hybrid Technology Updates/Refinements Panel Discussion

Part 2: PK Assays
  • Lesson 4:

    Development of Multiple Hybrid LBA/LCMS Methods for Quantification Protein-Drug Conjugates (PDC): Ensuring method selectivity & sensitivity for a Novel Biotherapeutics

  • Lesson 5:

    Biotherapeutics Quantification Using Intact Protein HRMS vs Signature/Surrogate Peptide(s): What are the Pros and Cons?

  • Lesson 6:

    Method Development & BMV of Trapping-Nano-Hybrid LBA/LCMS for Clinical Studies: Recent Application of Highly Sensitive Methods for Biotherapeutics in Regulated Bioanalysis

  • Lesson 7:

    Overcoming the Unique Challenges Associated with Biotherapeutics in Ocular Matrices: Development & Validation of Hybrid LBA/LCMS Ocular Bioanalytical Methods

  • Panel Discussion:

    PK Assays Panel Discussion

Part 3: Biotransformation
  • Lesson 8:

    LCMS Challenges & Solutions in the Quantitation of ASOs and siRNAs in Plasma and Tissues

  • Lesson 9:

    Recent Applications of HRMS Oligonucleotides Bioanalysis: Method Development, Quantitation and Metabolic Profiling - Lesson Learned & Case Studies on Bioanalysis and Biotransformation

  • Lesson 10:

    Hybrid LBA/LCMS Advanced Application in Understanding Complex Biotransformations of ADCs and their Impact

  • Lesson 11:

    Unique Characteristic of Hybrid LBA/LCMS to Study Catabolism of Biopharma Traditional and Novel Constructs: mAbs, Fusion proteins, Bi-specifics and MDBs

  • Panel Discussion:

    Biotransformation Panel Discussion

Part 4: Complex Peptide/Protein Biomarkers Assays
  • Lesson 12:

    The Complexity of Biomarkers Free Assays by Hybrid LBA/LCMS: A Serious Sensitivity & Selectivity Challenge

  • Lesson 13:

    Complex Peptide Biomarkers Assays by Hybrid LBA/HRMS: QTOF Advantages in Method Development of Difficult to Fragment, PTM and/or Large Peptides

  • Lesson 14:

    Overcoming Method Development Complexity in the Accurate Measurements of Free & Total Target Engagement (TE) Biomarkers by Hybrid LBA/LCMS: Unravelling the IP-10 Case Study

  • Panel Discussion:

    Complex Peptide/Protein Biomarkers Assays Panel Discussion



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