List of Posters at WRIB 2020 On-Demand

WRIB is proud to announce that each year WRIB Poster Screening Committee follows extremely high standard in strictly selecting the best Posters based on 1) Novelty 2) Relevance and 3) Quality of Data/Research with a high rejection rate of over 50% (70% in 2020). See below the accepted list of Posters you can access throuth WRIB 2020 On-Demand.

Posters in LBA (PK & Biomarkers Assays)

  • Poster 1:

    "Novel method development issues observed for an IgG4 based therapeutic"

  • Poster 2:

    "Qualification of a specific, sensitive and target tolerant method to quantitate free tocilizumab in human serum: Application to clinical studies with intravenous or subcutaneous administration"

  • Poster 3:

    "Measuring Free Target in Biological Fluids"

  • Poster 4:

    "Bioanalytical Challenges in Patients with Prior Exposure to Biologics and Possible Mitigation Strategies"

  • Poster 5:

    "Case study of Semicarbazide-sensitive amine oxidase (SSAO): the importance of quantifying the functionality of an enzymatic biomarker in a clinical study"

  • Poster 6:

    "Development of Free and Total Biomarker Assays of a Circulating Ligand Protein"

  • Poster 7:

    "Analytical Challenges Developing an Ultrasensitive Simoa Immunoassay for IL-1β as a Biomarker for NASH"

  • Poster 8:

    "Development and Qualification of an MSD Ligand Binding Assay for Measurement of A Free Protein Target in Non-human Primate Serum"

  • Poster 9:

    "Parallelism Challenges in Biomarker Ligand Binding Assays: Case Studies"

  • Poster 10:

    "Development of Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) Isolation Method And Detection Assays In Support Of Clinical Biomarker Study"

  • Poster 11:

    "Is complement C3 a valuable marker for the activation of the complement cascade?"

  • Poster 12:

    "Identifying Cytokine/Chemokine Biomarker Signatures in Pulmonary Mouse Models"

  • Poster 13:

    "Critical evaluation of NKp46 expression on NK cells for clinical investigation"

  • Poster 14:

    "Pharmacodyanamic Analysis of Crizanlizumab by Surface Plasmon Resonance: A Case for Implementing Unique Analytical Platforms in Clinical Trials"

Posters in Immunogenicity & qPCR Assays

  • Poster 15:

    "Description of a quantitative ELISA approach including reference serum calibration curve to detect specific immunoglobulin titers in sera from immunized rabbits for vaccine response assessment"

  • Poster 16:

    "A highly sensitive and Drug-tolerant Anti-Drug Antibody Assay for Nonclinical Immunogenicity using Solid-phase extraction with Precipitation and Dissociation"

  • Poster 17:

    "Signal-To-Negative Control (S/Nc) Ratio For Characterizing The Anti-Drug Antibody (Ada) Response To Bococizumab"

  • Poster 18:

    "Bioanalytical Drug Tolerance Limit Prediction and Optimization Model Developed Through Machine Learning With TensorFlow"

  • Poster 19:

    "Development, Qualification and Application of a Multiplex Assay for the Isotype Characterization of Anti-Drug Antibodies (ADA) in Human Serum"

  • Poster 20:

    "Development and Validation of an Immunogenicity Assay with Enhanced Drug and Target Tolerance"

  • Poster 21:

    "Development of a highly sensitive anti-ipilimumab antibodies assay with tolerance to high drug concentration"

  • Poster 22:

    "Challenges finding a positive control antibody for development of a sensitive and drug tolerant cell based neutralising antibody assay"

  • Poster 23:

    "Overcoming interference in neutralizing anti-drug antibody (NAb) assay of nirsevimab, an anti-RSV monoclonal antibody with extended half-life"

  • Poster 24:

    "Quantification of mRNA Expression using DNA-based Standard Curve RT-qPCR Methods"

  • Poster 25:

    "Sensitive Detection of Human Cells in Murine Organs DNA by qPCR"

Posters in Mass Spectrometry

  • Poster 26:

    "Determination of dimethylfumarate, monomethylfumarate and monoethylfumarate in plasma samples by high-throughput methods based on ion mobility spectrometry (IMS)-MS-MS with HPLC separation"

  • Poster 27:

    "Validation of an LC-MS/MS Assay To Measure Arginine, α-k-δ-GVA, Argininic Acid, Guanidinoacetic Acid, and Nα Acetyl-L-Arginine Concentrations in ARG1-D Patients"

  • Poster 28:

    "Liposomal Encapsulated and Free Topotecan Analysis in Human Tissues, Plasma, Ultra-filtrate and Urine by liquid chromatography – tandem mass spectrometry"

  • Poster 29:

    "Overcoming Blood Draw Limitations for Rodent and Pediatric Studies"

  • Poster 30:

    "Quantitation of released and total AZD4320 from Nanomedicine Dendrimer by LC-MS/MS"

  • Poster 31:

    "Stability Issues in Bioanalysis of Small Molecules for Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADC) Assays in Human Plasma"

  • Poster 32:

    "A Sensitive LC-MS/MS Method for the Determination of Unconjugated Maytansinoid DM4 and Its Metabolite, DM4-Me in Human Plasma"

  • Poster 33:

    "Quantitation of C1q Biomarker in Humanized Mouse and Monkey Serum by SRM- LC-MS/MS"

  • Poster 34:

    "Development of a Highly Sensitive LC-MS/MS Method to Determine the Feasibility of a Cold Human Micro Dose Study"

  • Poster 35:

    "Quantification of Human Coagulation Factor VIII in Monkey Plasma Using a Novel LC-MS/MS Method hybrided with Immunocapture"

  • Poster 36:

    "A Novel, Fast, Accurate, and Robust Hybrid LC-MS/MS Method for Quantification of Hemoglobin A1c: Bioanalytical Method Development, Optimization, and Validation"

  • Poster 37:

    "Development of a High-Throughput and Universal MS-Based Method for Bioanalytical Study"

  • Poster 38:

    "Rabbit Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell (PBMC) Isolation Method and LC-TQMS Determination of an Active Nucleotide Metabolite Under Development for the Treatment of Smallpox"