14th WRIB Virtual

Join 14th WRIB, a Secure ID Personalized Virtual forum Where Regulators and the Industry Interact to work together in the field of Bioanalysis, Biomarkers, Immunogenicity, Gene Therapy & Vaccines.

We are approaching quickly the maximum capacity of 1000 attendees on the WRIB Virtual Platform. If you are planning to attend, please register asap to ensure there is still space.

14th WRIB Virtual will be delivered from June 15-29, 2020, a few hours each day, to ensure the hours fit with global attendees as much as possible, also to avoid having too many hours a day.

Note: To prevent unauthorized distribution of the conference material, only registered attendees can access the conference platform. The platform uses the most advanced technology to stop non-authorized sharing/login, either by kicking out when more than one login occurs at the same time, or completely blocking the account if there are multiple login from different IP address (even if login occurs at different time).

A survey was conducted recently and an overwhelmingly majority of attendees has selected Virtual instead of In-Person due to the below concerns:

  • No possibility to have a vaccine for mass distribution in 2020 - risk of safety to travel and gather
  • Inevitable 2nd wave in the Fall/Winter 2020 - risk of safety to travel and gather
  • Impact on economy and potential budget cuts - risk of losing this once-a-year learning opportunity
  • Company travel restriction and conferences considered "non-essential" - risk of losing this once-a-year learning opportunity

As many wrote in the survey, WRIB has become the best and most important platform for bioanalytical community to come together for new ideas and discussions of scientific and regulatory topics with regulators, we will continue to keep this reputation in 2020 through a detailed planning and the Best, Most Secure and Personalized Virtual Conference Technology.

In fact, we think you will enjoy an even more effective, productive and personalized learning and interacting experience at 14th WRIB WRIB Virtual:

Interactions - More time and Opportunities to Ask your Questions to Regulators and Industry Leaders

  • WRIB signature Regulators'Panel Discussions will be doubled in time and scheduled live twice on two separated days to make sure everyone has the chance to ask their questions to regulators
  • You can still submit your questions anonymously, and we will make sure they are addressed by regulators during the panel
  • You can also ask questions to regulators and receive answers before and after the Live Regulators Panel Discussions, through a dedicated "Q&A with Regulators" conversation feed (chat room) in virtual conference platform throughout the virtual conference days
  • Extended White Paper Consensus Presentations and White Paper Experts Panel Discussions with Industry Leaders on each specific topic of your interest
  • Bonus: White Paper Consensus Slides: many of you in the past complain you do not have time to take notes or take a photo of the slide when White Paper Consensus slides are presented, well this year you will be able to watch these slides as many time as you want using your secure personalized ID to access on-demand :-)
  • You can also ask questions to any of the White Paper Expert Panel and receive answers before and after each Live WP Panel discussions, through multiple dedicated "Q&A with WP Experts Panel" conversation feeds (chat room) on each specific topic of interest in virtual conference platform throughout the virtual conference days

Content - Science and Regulations in Bioanalysis, Biomarkers, Immunogenicity, Gene Therapy & Vaccines

  • Many of you attend WRIB each year because of the valuable information in both science and regulations. All our speakers (both regulators and industry) have their exciting talks ready since March! They are eager to "meet" you and address your questions
  • On Demand: You can use your Secure Personalized ID to watch the presentations and panel discussions on-demand whenever you want
  • Bonus: A new Late Breaking Session on Covid-19 will be added to WRIB 2020 program together with Specific Track on Cytometry and Vaccines

Q&A Virtual Advantages

  • You can ask questions during the Q&A panel sessions either by texting your questions or "raising your hand" to ask directly
  • You will be more involved though conducting online live polls and live quiz that can never be done at in-personal conference - fun and engaging
  • You can continue to ask questions to speakers and Q&A panelists even after the live sessions, through text "chat" or video chatting any time throughout the virtual conference days
  • Extended Q&A time for each session to accommodate even more questions than an in-person conference

Networking - with Colleagues, Friends, Exhibitors and Poster Presenters

  • You will be able to see the Attendee List, so you will know which colleagues and friends in the bioanalytical community are attending, and "say" hello to them through text "chat" or video chat directly in the virtual conference platform
  • You will still get to "meet" the suppliers you work with, at their Virtual Booth, where you can text "chat" or video chat with your favourite sales/BD representative and maybe collect a rain check for lunch or dinner when you can meet again safely :-)
  • You will still get to check out different solutions and technologies in the Virtual Exhibit Hall with many virtual booths, and "chat" with booth personnels if you like. They will still be offering attractive giveaways, which will be mailed to you afterwards. You can still "drop your business card" to have a chance to win a big prize too!
  • You will still get to view the exciting, innovative, strictly selected and high quality Posters of WRIB, in the Virtual Poster Hall - you can ask your questions directly to the poster presenter there through either text chat or video chat. Bonus: Each poster presenter will also record a 5min presentation to introduce their poster, you can now listen to the poster presentation if you do not want to read the poster!

Food and Drinks

  • As many of you know, WRIB always provides plenty of food and drinks throughout the day for all the attendees during the conference - Good Food and Good Science! Unfortunately this will not be possible this year, but you will receive a gift card from your favourite restaurant of choice for each Main Workshop DAY and Specialized/Training Session you registered ($50 per Workshop DAY and Per Specialized/Training Session accumulatively). We hope you will have a good memory of WRIB 2020 Virtual when you use the gift card to enjoy your favourite food and drink and celebrate life back to normal, hopefully soon!

As one of the attendees mentioned in the survey, science and information sharing shouldn't be put on hold. With the good planning and advanced technology nowadays we can still "come together" to learn, to share ideas and exchange knowledge, especially now when it's most needed!

We look forward to "seeing" you on June 15-29, 2020 - It will be a safe, personalized, informative and productive meeting!

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