Submit Your Questions to Regulators

As in previous years, WRIB will continue to feature a Global Regulator Session including Presentations and Panel Discussions with Representatives from Major/Influential Regulatory Agencies.

If you have any questions for any regulator(s) below, submit your questions (anonymously if you choose to) ahead of time so the regulators can be prepared to address your concerns during the 13th WRIB Regulator Session.

Note: we have often received many questions that have already been answered in previous WRIB meetings and previous WRIB White Paper Recommendations. Hence we would appreciate if you could kindly check the WRIB Decennial Index of the White Papers in Bioanalysis: “A Decade of Recommendations (2007–2016)" to make sure you have new concerns not being addressed before, or you believe the topic has evolved and further discussions and solutions are needed from the regulators. (*You must save the Decennial Index pdf file to your computer then re-open it from your computer in order to activate the search functions in the pdf)

Please indicate which regulator(s) your issue/questions are address to: *

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