Exhibition Information

Exhibition at 14th WRIB will be 3 Full Days during the 3 Main Workshop Days on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Buffet Breakfast, Mid Morning Break and Snacks, Lunch Desserts and Coffee, Mid Afternoon Break and Snacks, and Drinks Reception  are included every day, take placing in the Exhibition Hall.

Hence, expect huge crowds and traffic at your booth everyday for 3 days!

Exhibition Hours

Affiliated Events at WRIB

Exhibition Floor Plan

Exhibitor List in alphabetical order

Abbott Informatics Your Total LIMS Solution Provider
Booth 62
AIT It's time to rethink your CRO
Booth 77
Alliance Smarter Bioanalytical Solutions
Booth 52
AltaScience Industry Excellence
Booth 46
Alturas The LC/MS Experts
Booth 44
Arcinova Fast Forward to Market with Arcinova
Booth 61
Avacta Engineered Affinity Proteins
Booth 84
Avantor We set science in motion to create a better world
Booth 81
B2S Providing biotherapeutic enablement services
Booth 48
BBI Your partner in antibody development
Booth 83
BioAgilitix Lab Advancing Bioanalytical Excellence Internationally
Booth 49
Bioanalysis Global Online Bioanalysis Resource
Booth 86
BioChemed Committed to Providing Quality
Booth 27
Bio-rad Think Antibodies, Think Bio-Rad
Booth 03
BioRepository For short to long-term storage of biological materials
Booth 47
Biotage Complete Sample Preparation Solutions
Booth 76
BioTechne Life Science & Diagnostic Brands
Booth 04
Caprion Accelerating precision medicine
Booth 21
Celerion Deliver timely and robust bioanalytical data
Booth 41
Champion Oncology End to End Pharmacology Solutions
Booth 85
Charles River Every step of the way
Booth 31
Chemtos Service, Quality, Speed
Booth 43
CMIC Performing bioanalysis with uncompromising precision
Booth 58
Covance A global CRO that has helped bring 49 of the top 50 best-selling drugs to market
Booth 32
Eurofins Biologics Done Right
Booth 36
ForteBio Biologics by Molecular Devices
Booth 68
Frontage Partnership is what turns services into solutions
Booth 71
GeNovu Everything can be improved
Booth 16
GYROS Immunoassays Miniaturized, Productivity Maximized
Booth 01
ICON Global provider of outsourced development services
Booth 55
IDBS Enabling R&D Innovation in the Cloud
Booth 78
ImmunoLogix Specialize in ligand binding based bioanalytical and biomarker assays
Booth 11
Basi Where insights lead to answers
Booth 02
Intertek Bioanalytical services supporting all phases of drug development
Booth 59
INTOX Trusted R & D Partner
Booth 54
KCAS Bioanalytical and Biomarker Services
Booth 73
LabConnect Centralized Laboratory Services
Booth 87
LABIntegrity Accelerate your GLP research studies
Booth 22
LabTechSupport Repair, Maitenance, Support
Booth 57
LabVantage LIMS and ELN solution
Booth 72
LabWare Automation Software Solutions
Booth 65
LGC One of the world's leading bioanalytical laboratories
Booth 29
Luminex Develops, manufactures, and markets biological testing technologies
Booth 23
Medpace Making the Complex Seamless
Booth 56
MicroConstants a CRO Focused on Regulated Bioanalysis & DMPK
Booth 63
MilliporeSigma Ultrasensitive SMC technology
Booth 15
MSD Meso Scale Discovery - Spot the Difference
Booth 24
Myriad RBM Multiplex Assay Development with xMAP Technology
Booth 64
Nexelis Disciplined Agility - Assay Development, Specialty Testing
Booth 14
NorthEastBio Small and Large Molecule Bioanalysis for Drugs & Biomarkers
Booth 88
PBL The Service Leader in Bioscience Testing
Booth 26
Pharma Medica Our goal is to bring your product to market on time!
Booth 75
Pharmaron A premier R&D service provider for the life sciences industry
Booth 12
PPD Integration, Innovation, Delivery, Quality
Booth 33
PRA Committed to Reinventing Research
Booth 34
PrecisionForMedicine Shorten The R&D Curve‎
Booth 74
Q2 Leading clinical trial laboratory services provider
Booth 17
QPS Worldwide Capabilities in SM and Biotherapeutics Bioanalysis
Booth 37
Quanterix The Science of Precision Health
Booth 67
Sciex The Power of Precision
Booth 53
Smithers Large molecule bioanalytical and toxicology services
Booth 13
Somru Accelerating Biosimilars Development
Booth 25
SyneosHealth Not Just Services - Solutions
Booth 07
Syngene Delivering high quality services
Booth 66
UPP The only CNAS accredited CRO in China
Booth 28
uptodata An automated solution for creating regulatory bioanalytical reports
Booth 82
Waters The Science of what's possible!
Booth 51
WuXi Integrated R & D Services
Booth 35
XiHua Scientific Punctuality& Quality
Booth 45
Zef Sci Why deal with multiple vendors?
Booth 42

Exhibitor Service Kit

Freeman will be the only Show Service Provider of 14th WRIB.

Exhibitor Manual from Freeman is available at